Food establishment sanitation inspections in Massachusetts.

Food establishment sanitation inspections. Insect and rodent elimination. Micro-analytical entomology. IPM services, consultation, and troubleshooting pest problems.

We believe that the key to an effective pest control program is Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

IPM addresses two health and safety concerns:

Biological Hazards: Pests contaminate food, food contact surfaces, foodservice equipment and utensils with pathogenic microorganisms, which are carried in their excreta and on their bodies. These pathogens are known to cause mild sickness to death.

Chemical Hazards: Improper application and use of pesticides can contaminate foods.

IPM Focuses On:

Identifying the target pest

Understanding the pest's habits and life cycle

Utilizing non-chemical methods to control target pests

Using chemical methods only as a last resort

Morrell Associates pest management team will design, develop, and implement a successful IPM program for your food establishment.

Our IPM program consists of:

Inspecting the foodservice establishment to identify target pests, pest infestation and factors that favor pests' survival.

Establishing a program utilizing non-chemical methods and chemical methods as a last resort.

Educating foodservice management as to the importance of their active role in the IPM program.

Reviewing services with foodservice management after an inspection and/or treatment.